file upload file hosting is private and requires accounts to upload files, log in

Upload $FILE with curl from shell: curl -F file=@"$FILE" -F uuid=$YOUR_ACCOUNT_UUID

Maximum file size: 114 MiB. No uploading of malware or illegal content.

Due to abuse, Windows executables, RAR and 7z archives are forbidden. keeps logs, so please refrain from abusing the service.


Paste output of $COMMAND with curl from shell: $COMMAND | curl -F 'paste=<-'

Append .lang to the paste URL to highlight the paste in lang language.

misc is currently in a permanent private alpha pre-release early access development preview test demo version. It may have unexpected downtimes or bugs. If you want to use a stable file host or pastebin, find another one. upload/paste shell script   (pastebin version)

Users of the shell script will have to export the SICPLOAD_UUID environmental variable, set it inside the shell script's source on the top or use the -U or --uuid command line flag to authenticate to upload files.

Append /info or /info.json to the upload/paste URL for file info.

JavaScript-free version

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